Moulding Tradition
Studio Formafantasma
Unglazed ceramic, jacquards ribbon, cotton ropes, glass, photographic print
Courtesy of: Luisa Zanzani, Gallery Libby Sellers

Gallery Libby Sellers presenting Formafantasma

Gallery Libby Sellers was launched in 2007 by the former London Design Museum curator as a platform for conceptual and progressive designs. Working with some of Europe’s most engaging designers – including Atelier NL, Simon Heijdens, Julia Lohmann and Peter Marigold – the gallery has since produced a wealth of unique and editioned works as presented through exhibitions and site-specific installations internationally.

For Design Miami/Basel 2011 Libby Sellers presents the work of Italian-born, Eindhoven-based Simone Farresin and Andrea Trimarchi, who together are Formafantasma. Alongside their critically acclaimed ceramic series, ‘MouldingTradition’, Formafantasma will unveil their new textile series, ‘colony’, commissioned in collaboration with the Textielmuseum, in Tilburg, Holland. ‘Moulding Tradition’ and ‘colony’ take as their mutual starting point such geo-political (and highly topical) issues as migration, assimilation and the historical cross-flow of cultural currents between North Africa and Italy.

Formafantasma use the collated data as both the physical material with which they layer their designs as well as a theoretical compass to chart changing perceptions of production techniques, artistic heritage and the “notion of tradition in a globalised context.”