Model of Playground closes at Dusk
Designer/ Nacho carbonell
Year/ 2011
Image courtesy Alexandra cunningham

Nacho Carbonell/Playground Closes At Dusk

At Design Miami/ Basel 2011, Galleria Rossana Orlandi premiers Nacho Carbonell’s first large-scale outdoor installation “Playground closes at Dusk.” This collection of new work encourages visitors to engage in a unique sensory experience at the entrance to the show.

Recognized for his striking organic aesthetic, Carbonell’s explosively expressionistic sculptural designs comment on a longing for intimate communication and thoughtful encounters in the busy world. Carbonell designed each piece in the “Playground” to create an opportunity for diversion and a moment for self-reflection during the fairs’ bustling week of commercial and cultural activity. visitors are welcomed to climb, sit, relax and be transported by this transcendent environment.