Swarovski Crystal Palace


Swarovski Crystal Palace announces a major new collaboration with the internationally acclaimed, London-based design duo, Fredrikson Stallard, to be unveiled at Design Miami/Basel.

Swarovski Crystal Palace and Fredrikson Stallard have worked together to create a stunning new collection, Iris, a unique interpretation of the human eye. Iris will be the focus of Swarovski’s presence at Design Miami/Basel, where it is a headline sponsor for the event, which runs from 13th June to 18th June 2011. Swarovski’s participation for the first time at Design Miami/ Basel, and the decision to work again with Fredrikson Stallard, represents a renewed focus on the art world for Swarovski Crystal Palace.

Consisting of four separate pieces combining Swarovski crystal and different metal treatments, from gold leaf to corten, Iris dramatically embodies the allure of the human eye. Subtle distinctions in the configuration of the crystals reflect its illusive qualities, while the sheer scale of the work - each piece is 1.5 metres in diameter and contains over six hundred hand-cut crystals - produces an imposing yet captivating presence that immediately draws the viewer in.  

Swarovski Crystal Palace and Fredrikson Stallard have previously collaborated on a number of high-profile projects, most recently four crystal chandeliers for the newly re-opened Savoy Grill.

“Fredrikson Stallard’s relationship with Swarovski Crystal Palace has evolved greatly over the years, as they have constantly explored its potential as a material,” commented Nadja Swarovski, Vice President of International Communications and Creative Director at Swarovski. “Their work stands out for its ability to use the language of design to create sublime artistic pieces. Design Miami/Basel represents the ideal platform for Swarovski Crystal Palace to delve deeper and experiment with the provocative divide between art and design. Iris’s allure lies in its elegance, beauty, and innate power to make you connect with the pieces.”

Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard explain: “The eye has always been significant since prehistoric times as a representation of gods or of the soul. We have taken the physical qualities of Swarovski crystals and translated these into the psychological realm of how we as humans observe, perceive and reflect our surroundings. In this way they act as a link between ourselves and the objects, which in turn observe us back.”